The Saga of the Heroes Of Balgate

The Story So Far

1: The Fool and Flagon

*Our plucky adventurers arrive in the City of Balgate looking for work
*They arrive at the town and before attempting to find work, Boris demands the go straight to a bar.
*They arrive at The Fool and Flagon, a small Inn run by a notorious halfing Reyny.
*Boris tries to get some drinks, Ken knocks them out of his hand. They bump into some bandits, Sadiq calms the situation.
*They decide to leave the bar,not before Boris tears off the sign in a fit of sobriety fueled rage.
*They decide they should probably go to where the were told to at the beginning and go to the local barracks of the Town Guard to look for work

2.“If you know what I mean”

Arriving in the barracks looking for work our adventurers meet Ralphye, head of the guard, Ralphye is short, with braided brown hair and gray eyes. He wears fine clothing and an amulet of luminous crystal. Ralphye has an animal companion, a gray rat named Balda.



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