Guard captain for the city of balgate(Dead)


Ralphye is short, with braided brown hair and gray eyes. He wears fine clothing and an amulet of luminous crystal. Ralphye has an animal companion, a gray rat named Balda.


captain of the guard for many years.

He gave our adventurers the responsibility of “shutting down” the Fool and Flagon, getting rid of Reyny for good. He also paid them to act as security during the Festival Of Iron.

When the Totem was stolen he sent our adventurers off to investigate and find out whether they could get the Totem back.

Once the heroes found out the mayor was a member of the Cult Of The Nightingale he attempted to jump them because he too was secretly a member of the Cult Of The Nightingale. They killed him and left the goblins to make sure no one game in.

The goblins ate his pet rat.


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